News 8 Eye Piece: Once in Love with Annie

The Apple Annies entertain many people

For 30 years the Apple Annies have been entertaining crowds in La Crescent with their music, but it’s tough to become a member of the exclusive group.

Chief Photographer Chuck Oedsma takes us to this year’s cabaret in tonight’s News 8 Eye Piece.

“An Apple Annie is a person who enjoys song, and enjoys sharing that song with anybody and everybody that they meet. And wants to bring joy to people,” said Chandra Cox, the 2013 Apple Annie.

“Whenever I’m with him. Something inside…”

“We’re actually called ambassadors of goodwill to the city of La Crescent. We just go around to nursing homes, We do fundraisers, we do Oktoberfest and Applefest,” said Hazel Desmond, the 1991 Apple Annie.

“Is this the way love’s supposed to be? It’s like a heat wave. Burning in my heart…”

“We’re a very serious group about our music. And it’s the music that entertains that we love. And we just love to be in front of people and singing as a group. A lot of us don’t like to do it individually, but you have to do that to be picked,” said Desmond.

“Something has changed within me. Something is not the same…”

“Singing has been my life since I was little. It just seems like a great fit,” said Apple Annie Candidate Sarah Severson.


“I’m going to keep trying, They are going to get sick of me, and then they’re gonna, yah, hey, let’s have her,” said Apple Annie Candidate LeAnn Virock.

“All right, the twenty-fourteen Apple Annie is Miss Sarah Severson!”

“Once in love with Annie…”

“Yeh, it’s gonna be great. I’m so excited. These women are just. They have been such inspirational women in my life for so many years and it is so great to finally be part of their crew officially. It will be a great year. I’m very excited. Very Honored,” said Severson.

“Once your kissed by Annie. Tear up your list, it’s Annie. Buy her with bonbons, poetry and flowers. Moon a million hours away. Cause I know Apple Annie’s here to stay…”

The group practices once a week with some time off in the winter. They’ll sing a wide variety of music, ranging from the roaring 20’s, to the beatles, and show tunes.