News 8 Eye Piece: Rolling Pins

Enjoy the crashes of the bowling alleys

It’s a sport that almost 45 million Americans enjoy at least once a year.

In this week’s Eye Piece, News 8 Photographer Greg White takes to the bowling alley.

“You just go and throw the ball. You know once I get set, you go… that’s it.”

“It’s the most under appreciated sport there is. I know the numbers have dropped for years now, but I truely believe that if people gave it a chance and understood how wonderful it is to spend time with friends, colleagues, coworkers, family, whatever it is. It will bring you so much joy.”

“It’s so awesome because no matter how bad the first ball was, you can only hope the spare is easy to shoot at and you think oh, I should be able to pick that up, but it’s awesome, it’s good.”

“At least you’re spending it with friends.”

While bowling numbers have dropped off over the years Wisconsin residents still hold bowling as a fun past time.

The US Census Bureau reports the Badger State has the second most bowling centers per capita in the nation.