News 8 Eye Piece: Taking on the Big Lawn

How Forest Hills keeps its golf course cut properly

How does the grass stay so perfectly trimmed at the Forest Hills Golf Course, the biggest lawn in La Crosse?

News 8 Chief Photographer Chuck Oedsma finds out in this week’s Eye Piece.

Nine employees – some part time, most are full time – mow more than 60 acres.

“Greens and tees are about two acres apiece and fairways are probably around 22 acres,” said Forest Hills Golf Course Superintendent Roy Janzen. “Roughs are probably 40 acres. We can mow greens in three hours. We mow greens every day. We mow tees, cars and approaches three days a week along with fairways. Tees, cars and approaches probably take 3 hours a day, Monday, Wednesday, Friday along with fairways. They take three to four hours a day. Monday, Wednesday, Friday.”

They have seven mowers, not counting the line trimmers and push mowers which crews use in some places. They go through about 27 gallons of gas and 86 gallons of diesel a week. Crews check their lawn mower’s heads every day to make sure they are cutting properly and are at the correct height and correct cut.

“We try to get all of our work done before the golfers (arrive),” Janzen said.

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News 8 Eye Piece: Taking on the Big Lawn