News 8 Eye Piece: ‘Wrapping’ up the holidays

With just a week until Christmas, plenty of area residents are finding the perfect gift for loved ones.

In this week’s eyepiece, News 8 photographer Greg White takes us to Valley View Mall and shows us the final step in getting your gifts ready.

“We’re wrapping gifts here, on behalf of the United Service Organization, the USO and we’re taking donations big or small,” said USO volunteer Jeff Hays.

“Someone will bring us a gift and we’ve got to determine the size and shape of how we’re going to cut the ribbon and the wrapping paper, how much tape we’re going to use, if we’re going to use a big or small box, stuffing paper, etc.”

Hays said, “a lot of the volunteers behind me, they’re very new to gift wrapping, but after about three or four times, they definitely picked up the skills of gift wrapping.”

“I mean, it’s exciting to be able to, you know, wrap a gift for somebody, and then they’ll take it home to someone that they love and share that with them on Christmas Day.”

“Just be cheery, wish everyone a Merry Christmas and that’s really the heart of what we’re doing out here,” said Hays.

People from various area organizations will be wrapping gifts at Valley View Mall through the 24th.