News 8 Now’s Stuck at Home Challenge

Thank you to all the families who participated in our Stuck at Home Challenge, and we hope you all continue to stay safe and stay healthy!


*Previous challenges are listed below the gallery.

June 4: Show us a picture of what your life has been like under quarantine!

June 3: Water fight challenge!

June 2: Make some homemade popsicles!

June 1: Create a family tree!

May 29-31: Make and play a game of hopscotch!

May 28: Make your own bookmark!

May 27: Make some homemade snack mix!

May 26: Clean up or re-organize a room in your home!

May 22-25: Create an American Flag tie-dye shirt!

May 21: Go out for a bike ride!

May 20: Show us your best sidewalk chalk art!

May 19: Make a fruit smoothie or shake!

May 18: Geography Challenge, pick a country on the World Map, then show us what you’ve learned/why you picked it!

May 15-17: Playtime with a pet!

May 14: Picnic Day!

May 13: Make your own Bingo cards and play a few games! Instructions here

May 12: Show us your best grill skills!

May 11: Make a puppet, and put on a puppet show!

May 8 – May 10: Do something special for mom!

May 7: Practice origami, the art of paper folding!

May 6: Show us a picture of spring!

May 5: Thank your favorite teacher!

May 4: Make a loaf of bread!

May 1- May 3: May Basket Day!

April 30: Show us a puzzle you have finished or are working on!

April 29: Make a collage for someone graduating in the Class of 2020!

April 27: Stretch it out; find some exercises to move your body!

April 24 – April 26: Plant a garden!

April 23: Crazy hair day!

April 22: Do an Earth Day project or activity using this year’s “Climate Action” theme!

April 21: Have a family game night!

April 20: Draw a picture of the person you’re stuck at home with!

April 17 – April 19: Grab the sponge and suds for a quarantine car wash!

April 16: Read a chapter of your favorite book under a tree!

April 15: Order take-out and turn it into a fine dining experience!

April 14: Perform in an at-home fashion show, then send us a picture of your coolest outfit!

April 13: Build something with Legos that represents your favorite movie or tv show!

April 10: Design & decorate an Easter egg!

April 9: Make a fun dessert using only what you have at home!

April 8: Build a blanket fort!

April 7: Dress up like your favorite superhero!

April 6: Write a special message to your Postal Worker.