NFL football field crew had busy day shoveling snow during game

A powerful winter storm couldn’t stop the New York Giants and Green Bay Packers from facing off Sunday in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

Snow started falling just before the game and quickly covered the field, so during breaks in the game, MetLife Stadium staff took to the field to shovel off the yard lines, every 10 yards. Some of the workers were better at the task than others.

While most lines looked fairly straight and on the mark, there just seemed to be something a little off about the 10-yard line. Or should we say … the 11?

Olivia Reiner, a journalist for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, provided a very important public service by live-tweeting the shoveling action. The 10-yard line guy was no match for her keen eye.

The inclement weather comes as part of two large storm systems which are bringing a mix of rain, sleet and snow across the Midwest and Northeast, leaving over 50 million people under some type of winter weather alert.

The icy downfall seems to have come on suddenly. WFRV anchor Lily Zhao shared two photos of the MetLife field, saying they were taken 40 minutes apart.

When asked what it was like to play in the elements, Packers running back Jamaal Williams said he felt like he was in the animated Disney movie “Frozen.”

The coating of snow was quickly roughed up by the players’ cleats as the Packers brought home a 31-13 win against the Giants.