Niedbalski Bridge to Isle La Plume closed for 3 months

Bridge expected to reopen in November

Bridge maintenance is re-routing traffic to Isle La Plume.

The city is replacing the deck of the Niedbalski Bridge that takes cars and pedestrians to the yard waste site and Houska Park. It’s expected to take three months.

In the mean time, cars are being routed to a one way bridge just west near the Green Island Ice Arena and pedestrians are being sent east to the Market Street Foot Bridge right by city Brewery.

But some residents aren’t happy with the detour.

They tell us crossing intersections feels unsafe and the bridge is not easily accessible for everyone. The city says they’re working on it.


“I’m not going to stop coming to the dog park because they’re working on the bridge, so according to ADA, they have to make reasonable accommodations to folks with disabilities, and right now they’re not making reasonable accommodations,” said La Crosse resident David Peters.

“Within limits, we’re doing a lot of work with city forces, and it should be, before the week’s end here, we should have a pretty safe and passable situation here,” said City of La Crosse Engineer Greg Pederson.

The city says the Niedbalski Bridge will not be re-opened until November.