Nine people charged so far from Wisconsin rape kit backlog

La Crosse County - 97% of assault kits tested

Charges have been filed against nine people so far as a result of the Wisconsin Department of Justice working to test thousands of backlogged kits containing evidence collected from sexual assault victims.

The sexual assault kits contain samples of fingernails, skin or other material collected by medical professionals that can be analyzed for DNA.


6,837 Untested Kits
4,471 Designated to be Tested
4,370 Testing Done
95% Completed

Source- WI Dept. of Justice

There were more than 68-hundred previously untested kits in Wisconsin and of those, nearly 45-hundred were designated to be tested.

Testing is now completed on 4,370 of those.
That leaves just 101 pending, but all of those are from cases where convictions have already been obtained.

La Crosse Co.

63 Designated to be tested
61 Testing Done
97% Completed

26 Foreign DNA Identified

Source- WI Dept. of Justice

In La Crosse County, 63 kits were designated to be tested and of those 61 are completed.
In 26 of those kits, foreign DNA was identified, which is 43% of those kits.

Attorney General Kaul also supports a bipartisan bill in the Legislature that would help to prevent another sexual assault kit backlog by setting new timelines and protocols for nurses, victims and members of law enforcement.

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