Noah, Eli King reflect on bond before final football game together

Kings say entire Caledonia program is their family

The Kings of Caledonia reign over Class 2A.

Senior Noah and sophomore Eli King have shredded opposing defenses all season long. Noah has racked up over 3,000 total yards, and 19 of his 37 passing touchdowns have ended up in Eli’s hands.

“During the games you don’t really think much about it being a brother to brother connection,” Noah said of their success together. “It’s something that when we get older, we’ll remember how special it was.”

“It’s awesome to have someone to go to, ask questions and have confidence in,” Eli said. “We can talk about stuff at home, stuff about games, about certain plays, and have really good chemistry.”

They have an ultimate understanding of what they both bring to the table. When asked who was the best athlete, there was no hesitation.

“I’m going with myself,” Eli said with a smile, and Noah was quick to agree.

“He’s the fastest and jumps the highest and that sort of thing, so in that way it’s Eli, and I don’t think many people would argue,” he said.

Their trust in each other is what makes them effective on the field. Head Coach Carl Fruechte says that trust started at an early age.

“I still think there’s something about football where you just go out in the backyard and throw the ball around, and just play with your brothers or friends uptown,” Fruechte said. “I would love to see more of that, and I got to witness that with [oldest brother] Owen, Noah and Eli. They would just go in the backyard and play.”

As close as they are, the Kings say their sense of family actually extends to every other Warrior jersey on the field.

“We’re all really close together and help each other out, pick each other up,” Eli said.

“The more close-knit you have certain players, the team takes on that identity,” Noah added.

The Kings may light up the stat sheet, but Fruechte says great value also lies in their humility. After all, they don’t do it to advance the King last name–they do it for their entire team of brothers.

“We’re proud of how they care about Caledonia,” Fruechte said. “They care about their community, they care about their teammates, and that’s what really makes us proud.”

Caledonia will go for its fifth consecutive state championship Friday at US Bank Stadium. Kickoff with Minneapolis North is set for 1 p.m.

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