Noah King prepares for second experience with college recruiting

Noah King

It’s not something most young athletes get to do, but Caledonia senior Noah King is going through college recruitment all over again after decommitting from South Dakota State Friday.

King tells News 8 Now Sports that he learned some things the first time around and is set to consider his options once again. Normally, someone like King has the whole offseason to make college visits and see firsthand what programs are like. But in the middle of basketball season, it could be tougher for both sides to arrange visits.

“Right now we’re more just listening, because it’s not the ideal timing,” King said on the recruitment process. “Just playing it where it takes us, I guess. You can’t do a lot of those things that you’d be able to in the offseason, but hopefully it just all works out and I make a good decision.”

King and the undefeated Warriors play Tuesday night at Byron.