North-South Corridor meeting allows residents to voice concerns

Future of project dependent on if the state approves funding for study

The La Crosse Area Planning Committee approves an amendment and resolution to support a study of a possible North-South corridor.

The study by the Department of Transportation would look at ways to improve transportation, mainly in the area from highway 53 to South Avenue at 7th Street. One of the ideas is to connect I-90 to Highway 14-61, possibly running through the marsh.

The project has been a topic of debate for more than 15 years. And after Wisconsin’s Sectary wrote a letter asking the state to pull back the offer of $138 million for the project the discussion is now back on the table.

“I think the reality is a lot of people thought this dinosaur was gone and didn’t realize it was just a sleeping giant waiting to be awaken again and here we are,” said Livable Neighborhoods President Charley Weeth.

Residents did get a chance to voice their concerns during Wednesday’s meeting. Those concerns were put then into the resolution before it was approved.

“I think it was a compromise, I think it’s important we look at the area and again the L.A.P.C. represents the whole region. We want this study to look at transportation connections to La Crescent, transportation connections to Holmen, Onalaska, La Crosse,” said La Crosse Area Planning Committee Chairman Mike Peollinger.

The future of the project is dependent on whether or not the state approves funding for the study. That decision will be made at some point in December.