Oklahoma girl reels in piranha-like fish from lake

An Oklahoma girl got quite a surprise while out fishing.

Kennedy Smith, 11, caught a rare pacu, a piranha-like fish with human teeth.

The Associated Press reports that Kennedy was fishing with her grandparents and brother at Fort Cobb Lake on Sunday when she reeled in her line to find the fish.

Pacu fish, native to South America, are related to piranhas and can grow up to 50 pounds. Kennedy’s only weighed about 1 pound, the AP reported.

“I was confused because I knew that fish with teeth are not normal. It was weird. They were human-like and that made it even weirder,” Kennedy told The Associated Press Thursday.

The fish bit Kennedy’s grandmother while they were removing it from the hook. She told the AP she suffered no ill-effects from the bite.

Caddo County Game Warden Tyler Howser said the fish was likely purchased as a pet and was released into the lake when it grew too large for its aquarium.

Pacu are considered an invasive species, so the one Kennedy caught was destroyed.