Oktoberfest Medallion has been found

Group found medallion near Logan High School

The hunt is over for this year’s Oktoberfest Medallion.

A team of about 30 people found the medallion Wednesday on the north side of La Crosse. The group found the medallion near¬† Logan High School… sitting underneath a rock.

Part of the team gathered at the South Side Fest Grounds today to accept their prize. The group says each year more and more people want to join the team.

“Oktoberfest means a lot to us as a family tradition. Everybody gets a little bit more excited, a little bit more excited every year,” said Keith Torgerud.

The group gets $500 cash, and a replica medallion made by Satori Arts, for finding the medallion. Now they just have to make the tough decision of how to split all that between 30 people.