Oktoberfest parade marshals revealed

Maple Leaf and Torchlight parades coming in the next 2 weeks

We now know who will be leading this year’s Maple Leaf and Torchlight parades.

The announcement came Wednesday night at the Oktoberfest Grounds.

Mike Desmond and Scott Mihalovic were named this year’s parade marshals. Desmond is the Executive Director of the La Crosse area Boys and Girls Club and will lead the Maple Leaf Parade.

While Mihalovic, the former Logan High School principal, will serve as the leader of the Torchlight Parade.

Both men say it’s an honor to be a part of the Oktoberfest Tradition.

“This is such a long standing and historic tradition in our community, the Oktoberfest., It’s just a humbling honor and considers all the past Torchlight parade marshals, it’s very special to me and my family,” said Torchlight Parade Marshal Scott Mihalovic.

“To be recognized in this way is humbling. I’m not so sure we deserve this, but we’re going to do the best job we can being ambassadors to the city of La Crosse,” said Maple Leaf Parade Marshal Mike Desmond.

The torchlight parade is next Thursday night and the Maple Leaf Parade will take place the following Saturday.