Onalaska city council approves 15K for consultants to look at Mayo property

Mayo Clinic Health System is looking to develop 100 acres of land

Mayo Clinic Health system is getting some help on what to do with more than 100 acres of of land in Onalaska.

Last year, MCHS bought the land right across from Menards, on Sand Lake Road.

Since then, MCHS hasn’t released much information about what might be built thee, but Onalaska city engineers believe it’s going to be a major project.

Tuesday night, Onalaska’s city council approved the spending of up to $15,000 for consulting fees.

In a statement, Mayo Clinic Health System says the money  for a consultant would allow its development team to continue working through possible scenarios for a proposed facility.


A large visible piece of land in Onalaska will be the topic of discussion at the city council meeting Tuesday night as city engineers try to prepare the land for a possible major development.

Last year, Mayo Clinic Health System bought more than 100 acres of land, right across from Menards on Sand Lake Road in Onalaska.

Since then, Mayo hasn’t released much information about what might be built on the 80 acres that can be redeveloped. But city engineers believe it’s going to be a big project and are already starting to prepare for it.

“It’s a relatively big site, and I think they are going to use it to its fullest capabilities,” said Jarrod Holter, city engineer for Onalaska.

To prepare for a major development, the city’s engineering department is asking the common council to approve its request of $15,000 for consulting fees.

“We have broken it down for equal percentages for traffic, storm water, water system and general street layout,” said Holter.

The city staff will do most of the preliminary site work, but Holter said with larger developments, they may need more help.

“We want to be prepared with extra help if we need things that we have questions about,” said Holter. “Having worked with Mayo’s engineers, we are starting to get questions asking how big things should be and what things in the development.”

Although little has been decided, city engineers want to be ready for any building scenario Mayo Clinic Health System comes up with.

“We are trying to be proactive and prepared for when we do get plans,” said Holter.

Mayo Clinic Health System released a statement saying, “This infrastructure study, if approved by the Onalaska City Council, leads to another exciting step into the future for Mayo Clinic Health System – Franciscan Healthcare and our patients.  This study will help our development team continue working through possible scenarios for a proposed facility on the Sand Lake Road parcel in Onalaska.  It will also help develop plans that would ensure convenient and safe entrance and exit for patients, as well as enabling efficient traffic flow for everyone in that area. We are always are looking to create new, innovative models of care to meet the needs of people in our region.  With healthcare changing rapidly, Mayo Clinic Health System is seeking ways that we can work differently, provide care differently, and broaden access to healthcare for everyone in the area.”

On Tuesday, Onalaska’s city council will decide whether to approve the $15,000 for consulting fees.