Onalaska eighth graders participate in career exploration fair

ONALASKA (WKBT) – They may only be in middle school, but students in Onalaska are already exploring future careers.

More than 220 eighth graders worked with the Junior Achievement Volunteers on Friday to learn more about getting a job and prepping for a first interview.

News 8 Now’s own Chuck Oedsma also took part, teaching the kids everything they wanted to learn about photojournalism.

Organizers say that this is good practice for high school and beyond.

“They’re starting to get ready for their first job,” said Education Manager Melissa Gretebeck. “Then they’re moving into high school and starting to streamline the curriculum they’re going to be taking. They can start thinking about the things they need to learn and prepare for.”

Over 29 organizations and businesses took part in Friday’s event.