Onalaska High School hosts 6th annual Coulee Region Free Tournament for Martial Arts

The 6th annual Coulee Region Free Tournament at the Onalaska High School Sunday morning was free of charge for both competitors and spectators.

Martial artists could compete in a black belt division or a division for those who are close to earning their black belts.

Events included bare hand skills, weapons skills, board breaking, and sparring.

WMA Productions Inc. coordinates the tournament and holds fundraisers to keep it free.

“We have a family of nine here competing today, and the average price of one event at a tournament is anywhere from $40 to $60. So, to be able to have families come be able to compete together as a family and not have to worry about cost is just an amazing thing to be able to do for the community,” said Matt Brigson, to tournament’s coordinator.

Brigson said that martial arts can help promote physical health, discipline, and improve self-confidence.