Onalaska High School hosts annual Show Choir Classic

Local middle school and high school students got the chance to compete in a show choir event. Onalaska High School held their annual Show Choir Classic Friday and Saturday where more than a dozen regional middle school and high school concert choirs participated. Groups came from all around Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa.

The event started last as night middle school choirs performing with high school choirs performing Saturday. Six finalists were then chosen and competed for prizes later in the evening.

Coaches at the event said a lot of work happens behind the scenes.

“They practice a couple times per week, and it’s really about perfecting a routine. So it’s a lot of work on their vocals but it’s also a lot of work on dancing and getting everything choreographed. They do these moves exactly together at the same time,” said Melissa de Boer, a coach at the Show Choir Classic.

This was the 31st year the competition has been held.