Onalaska hockey Continues Winning As Leading Scorer Recovers

Tyler Ebner preparing for late season comeback

The Onalaska boy’s hockey team has seen a great start to their season and they’re doing it while missing their leading scorer from last season.

Last season, the Onalaska Hilltoppers played in their first state championship game and it was without Tyler Ebner, their top scorer due to a broken collarbone.

“It was really sad and frustrating,” said Onalaska senior forward Bennett Hutson.

“It’s frustrating,” said Onalaska boy’s hockey head coach Tim Ebner.

Fast forward to the lead-up to this season, with hopes of another deep playoff run and Tyler breaks his collarbone, again.

“Coincidental is what they’re telling me so it was just one of those freak accidents,” said coach Ebner.

“It was funny because it happened in the same town.  So it was the same spot, same bone, same town so I mean you don’t expect it to happen again, but to happen like it did in the same town it was just interesting,” said Onalaska junior forward Tyler Ebner.

So now, Tyler plays a different role than expected coming into his junior season.

“Give tips to the younger guys.  Tell them what they should be doing, what they shouldn’t be doing.  Let them know that they’re doing a good job at what they’re doing,” said Tyler Ebner.

“He’s a little bit more vocal than some of the other guys that we have so he’s not afraid to speak up and kind of help in any way that he can from a system stand point,” said Coach Ebner.

But Tyler’s season on the ice is not completely lost.  He now recovers with the hopes of returning later on in the season after receiving word from his doctor that he might be able to play in mid-to-late January.

“It will certainly help, he’s a great scorer, just another weapon that we can add to the offense,” said Hutson.

“It’ll be a good addition. I mean obviously it’s going to help things.  Everyone will be excited for him to come back so maybe that will help kids work even harder too,” said Onalaska senior defense Caleb Blank.

Whether you catch him filming games, or on the bench during practice, it’s obvious that Tyler Ebner just wants to play.

“I haven’t finished a season yet.  I didn’t finish my freshman year due to a hamstring injury so I just want to be out there even if it’s just conditioning, I just want to be out there,” said Tyler Ebner.