Onalaska P.T.O. donates laptops for fourth graders

$10,000 donations purchases 35 laptops

Fourth graders at Northern Hills Elementary in Onalaska will start the year with new laptop computers.

The Parent Teacher Organization recently donated $10,000 to purchase 35 laptops to be ready for the first day of school.

Principal Curt Rees says the purchase will allow them to put technology right into the student’s hands, and engage them in the learning process.

“A lot of them are doing publishing, it just enables them to share their work with more than just turning a paper in to a teacher, if they can share it with colleagues with parents with grandparents who live away from the school district in addition to connecting with students who happen to live in other parts of the country even the world,” says Rees.


The P.T.O. made a similar purchase in January, donating $10,000 to buy laptops for fifth graders.