Onalaska police arrest 4 people for garage, car break-ins

Homeowners' video posted to Facebook helped police make arrests

Onalaska police arrested four people in connection to several garage and car break-ins that happened on the evening of September 19.

The names of the suspects have not been released and they have not been formally charged yet.

Police say the suspects were found thanks in part to homeowners who caught them on surveillance video and posted it on Facebook.

Surveillance video from one of the houses that was robbed shows a group of four going into their garage and coming out a few minutes later with a couple of cases of beer.

Police say some of the reported stolen items have been recovered, along with other items that that are known to be stolen but do not match up to any of the reports on file.  Investigators say those items are likely from victims who did not report the thefts to police. Some of the stolen items were thrown away.


If you live in the Sandlewood or Coachlite areas, Onalaska police want you to check your property to see if you’re missing any items from your  garage or vehicles. Information gained from the suspects give the impression that there are more garage entries than just the three that were reported. Police have seven reports related to vehicle entries and three reports related to garage entries.

If you have additional information, call the Onalaska Police Department at (608) 781-9550.