Onalaska Police Reservists take part in search and rescue training at Green Coulee Park

Emergency crews were practicing their search and rescue skills in Onalaska.

The Onalaska Police Department’s volunteer reserve unit went through a scenario involving an actor posing as a lost hiker at Green Coulee Park.

It’s a part of the Reserve Unit’s monthly training exercises. These regular exercises are made as real as possible to show the reservists how the Police Department would handle a real-life missing person report.

“For a search and rescue, obviously we’re going to have a command post which we’re working in conjunction with the La Crosse County Emergency Dispatch today, and we will split the Reserve Units into teams and we’ll perform a modified grid search,” said Onalaska Police Department Sergeant Lisa Gerbig.

The mock search and rescue began at 6:30 Wednesday evening, and wrapped up at 9.

The volunteer reservists go through many police-related trainings and activities.