Onalaska Seniors send open letter to OHS staff

Onalaska High School seniors shared a tribute to all Onalaska High School Staff:


To Our Beloved Teachers, Staff, and Coaches,

We seniors thought we were going to have a normal senior year.

You thought you were going to have a normal teaching year.

But neither happened.

You stood by us through our half awake zoom calls, our angry emails, our late assignments. You stood by us while we ranted about how much we don’t like it. You stood by us despite you having to learn an entirely new way of teaching.

Things we didn’t say were how much we missed having you in class, or seeing you at school, or being at practice with you.

We didn’t say how much we realized we took for you granted. You have done so much for us. Being a shoulder for us to cry on, a guiding hand in life, someone to encourage us to carry on our education, someone that we know would always support us.

Due to the circumstances, we weren’t able to have a lot of lasts. But I think the one that is hitting close to home right now was our last day.

Our Senior Walk.

Where we got to thank you and hug you for the guidance, support, and wholehearted love you gave to each and every one of us.

The Onalaska Senior Class of 2020 wants to return the favor.
We want to make you feel how you made us feel.

The Senior Class has a surprise for every single teacher, custodian, cook, office staff, support staff, and coach at Onalaska High School on Wilson Street.

It will be up all week so you can drive, walk, run, or sunbathe by it all you want.

This is all for you.

This is our small thank you for being the constant in our lives the past four years.


The Onalaska Senior Class of 2020
The Ones Who Were Quarantined