Onalaska twin sisters dominating competition in first season as doubles partners

Chloe and Faith Leithold are twin sisters who’ve loved the sport of tennis from an early age.

“When we were really little we would just go to the courts with our mom and dad and we would just hit around,” Chloe said. “We wouldn’t necessarily get it in the court, but it was so much fun. But we didn’t start competitively until middle school.”

As Hilltoppers, they’ve never previously played together. Faith handled No. 1 singles, while Chloe had been No. 1 doubles with a different partner. But after Chloe’s original partner graduated last spring, Coach Kurt Gutknecht had a feeling.

“I thought this year might be a good idea to put them together and see what they could do together,” Gutknecht said. “They’ve actually gone beyond my imagination of how good they could be this year.”

With only two losses and a conference title to their name, the experiment has almost been perfect

“It was a little surprising, yeah,” Faith said. “I’ve never played a competitive doubles match throughout the school year, so when I was trying to play doubles, it was so new to me. But it was fun accepting the challenge of trying something new.”

And it’s a little easier when you’ve got family by your side.

“It used to take us a little bit,” Faith said. We’d start a little slow, but now I think the more we play the easier it is to get into that, I don’t know–“

Said Chloe, “To get into the groove.”

“Get into the groove, yeah,” Faith said.

“To get it to click,” Chloe finished. “I feel like we get better every single time.”

Full subsectional results will be online once they’re released.

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