Options for Valentine’s Day dates are endless

It’s a Saturday night and you’re trying to figure out what you and your significant other want to do.

“Dinner?” you ask.

“Sure, I guess so,” he says.

“Where?” you reply.

“I don’t care,” he replies.

And so the dating dilemma goes. Round and round the conversation will go until you both decide on your old standby.

But don’t fall into the dating pitfall on Valentine’s Day.

The ideas are endless for lovers on the most romantic day of the year.

Out-of-the-Ordinary Ideas

Find an airline, helicopter or hot-air balloon company that gives tours of the city. Take a night ride high in the sky and bring along a bottle of bubbly (if you’re old enough to drink).

Make your own drive-in movie theater. Bring a TV/DVD player outside to the driveway and place it in front of the garage. Park your car in front of it, turn up the volume and snuggle up.

Go on a progressive dinner. Have appetizers at a restaurant, the main course at another, dessert at another restaurant and drinks at a nightclub or pub.

Drive around counting restaurants and eat at the 100th restaurant you find. You may end up at a five-star restaurant or at McDonald’s — the fun lies in the mystery of not knowing where you’ll end up.

Go on a tour of a factory in your town. Whether it is a microbrewery or an ice-cream shop, the tours are interesting and educational and not something you do on an everyday basis.

Take a class together. Have you always wanted to learn how to brew your own beer, make the perfect pasta or learn how to do the tango? One-day classes abound throughout the city you live in. Just call a local college, cooking school or dance studio to find out more information.

Volunteer your time together. Build a house with Habitat for Humanity, give blood or become a Big Brother and a Big Sister.

Take a hay ride together.

Classic Dates


In-line skating

Miniature Golf

Ice skating


Getting ice cream together

Going to a movie

Going out for a nice dinner

Visit the art museum

Go shopping together and pick out gifts for one another

Go on a picnic

Go to a poetry reading

Go on a boat ride or rent a canoe, paddle boat or sail boat

Take a tour of your city

Go treasure hunting at a flea market

15 ‘Sexy’ Alternative Dates

Play “back Pictionary.” Use your fingers to draw a picture on each other’s back and try to guess what it is in two minutes.

Give each other a manicure and paint each other’s nails red.

Memorize each other’s faces by gently caressing it.

Sit back-to-back and deeply inhale and exhale. Feel each other’s heartbeats through your backbones.

Give each other butterfly kisses.

Hold each other’s face as you kiss.

Put your hand over each other’s heart and feel them pulsate.

Try to beat the kissing record. The longest recorded kiss was 417 minutes.

Feed each other sweet treats such as chocolate-covered strawberries.

Charge your body with static electricity. Rub your feet on the carpet and kiss.

Brush each other’s hair.

Sing “your” song. Whisper it in each other’s ear while you slow dance.

Massage each other’s shoulders, head and face.

Give each other foot massages.

Have one day of PDA (public displays of Affection). Kiss like a fiend.