Organic Valley executive advocates for Wisconsin farmers during Capitol Hill appearance

WASHINGTON, D.C. (WKBT) – An executive with the Organic Valley agricultural cooperative in La Farge, Wis., lobbied for stability and fair dairy prices for farmers during an appearance on Capitol Hill.

“We believe they need stability and they need to know they are going to get a fair price for their product and they need to be respected in that matter,” said Travis Forgues, himself a retired dairy farmer who now is executive vice president of membership at Organic Valley.

“We need to find ways to make farmers more resilient for their communities,” Forgues said of his June 22 testimony on Capitol Hill.

Facing stress from the COVID-19 pandemic and the rise in inflation, farmers still hope for fairness in the marketplace, he said.

Forgues noted that politicians on both sides of the aisle agreed on the need to prioritize farmers’ needs, which he said he found refreshing.

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