Organization looking for puppy foster homes

An organization is looking for a little puppy love.

The organization Can Do Canines raises puppies to become service dogs in a variety of settings, including assessing people with autism or diabetes.

Now the organization is spreading its reach into prisons, offering a program for inmates at the Jackson Correctional Institution to be assigned puppies that will follow them around in the facility.

But the organization also wants the puppies to get acquainted with the outside world so now they’re looking for 10 volunteers to foster them on the weekends.

“We need volunteers that are going to be taking puppies that will be going to Jackson. They need to get out because while the nnmates are working with the dogs, they also need outside practice so learning good manners in a home, getting exposed to social situations that they’re going to experience later with a client,” said Laurie Carlson, volunteer with Can Do Canines.

The puppies will have to undergo some training that requires the members of the foster home to participate.

If you would like to find out more, you can call Can Do Canines at 763-331-3000 ext.113.