Pedestrian tunnels open to cross railroads on WSU campus

A safer path is now open for a dangerous crosswalk in our area.

The city of Winona has opened two pedestrian tunnels going underneath train tracks in the Winona State University campus.

Construction on the tunnels began two years ago after nearly two decades of planning. Federal funding was received for the project in 2008, and designs began soon after.

Project leaders say the project was important for the safety of students.

“Besides the ultimate shortcuts, not having to go the extra half a block, but providing that safe crossing for the students from one side of the campus to the other, to our ball fields and housing, is just such a relief,” said WSU Arboretum Director Lisa Pearson.

Winona State University partnered with Canadian Pacific and the Minnesota Department of Transportation to make the pedestrian tunnels a reality. The pair of tunnels cost about $8 million.