Pedicabs coming to La Crosse?

Test run could be at Bike Fest

A new form of taxis could be coming to La Crosse.

The city’s bicycle and pedestrian advisory committee is looking at a suggestion from one of its members to allow bicycle taxis on the roads.

Bigger cities like Minneapolis and Madison have already adopted the idea. Before jumping onboard the pedicab idea, they want to give it a test run first. The committee is looking at incorporating them into Bike Fest in a couple of weeks as a fun way for people to explore the city.

However, there are some concerns over safety and what it could mean for drivers on the road.

“From my discussion with the pedicab representatives, keeping them off the highways, keeping them off like 3rd and 4th street is going to be important because when there’s traffic it could be rough,” said Lewis Kuhlman, Associate Planner for the committee.

The committee is still looking into things like licensing and safety measures. Bike Fest  kicks off labor day weekend.