Permanent drug drop-off sites are proving beneficial

131 pounds of drugs have been emptied since July

The newly installed drug drop-off sites are working.

On Thrusday the La Crosse County Heroin Task Force discussed the results of the drug drop-off boxes at their quarterly meeting.

The drug drop boxes are available to anyone who would like to safely dispose of their unwanted medication.

In just two weeks of putting in a permanent drop box at the La Crosse Police Station about 26 pounds of medication was collected. And because of how well the sites are working nearby towns are becoming more interested in sites of their own.

“The Town of Campbell has reached out and would like to have a drop box in their police station which they were not on the original list so it is spreading, we are seeing the benefits of it and we’re able to take advantage of that,” said the Coulee Council on Addictions Executive Director Keith Lease.

Even with the drug drop off sites the La Crosse County Heroin Task Force says other drugs, including meth, are on the rise throughout the county. However, no matter how many drugs are taken off the streets members of the task force say the problem won’t stop until they find a way to prevent addiction.

“Until we focus on prevention, until we stop the root causes of addiction as a whole there’s always going to be a cyclical drug. You know cocaine will rise and fall, heroin will rise on and fall,” said Lease.

So far there are eight drug drop off sites in La Crosse County.

As of Monday, October 20, 131 pounds of prescription drugs have been emptied at the La Crosse Police Department since July, including 45 pounds that were emptied Monday morning.

The La Crosse Police Department tweeted: “Prescription Drug Drop Box Success!”