Pet of the Week – Phlox

Phlox is a 2-year-old, male who tested negative for FIV and Feline Leukemia.

He might be the most loving, affectionate cat you will ever meet!

Phlox is easily entertained by toys, birds and anything exciting going on around him.

He likes to unwind at the end of the day by stretching out on the couch next to you and watching a great show.

Phlox is a super sweet and down to earth guy who you’ll look forward to coming home to every day!

He should do well with other pets if given a slow and proper introduction. I would do well with children under parental supervision.

Visit Phlox or one of the many other animals available for adoption at the Coulee Region Humane Society from 1-5 p.m. Monday, Wednesday, Friday-Sunday or 1-7 p.m. Tuesday & Thursday.

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