Photoshop fail: Australian PM given 2 left feet

What should have been a heartwarming photo of the Australian Prime Minister posing with his wife and kids has brought out the best in Aussie banter, thanks to one minor problem: the image showed the PM, Scott Morrison, with two left feet.

The Photoshopped picture — in which Morrison appeared to be wearing two white sneakers meant for the left foot — went viral and earned itself the hashtag #shoegate.

The Liberal Party politician, who replaced colleague Malcolm Turnbull as prime minister last year, made light of the situation Wednesday, tweeting a photo of himself wearing a grubby pair of K Swiss sneakers.

He blamed his department for the doctored photo, adding: “but if you must Photoshop, please focus on the hair (lack thereof), not the feet!”

The leader’s spokesman told Reuters the image was changed by staff without Morrison’s knowledge or authorization.

Despite the attempts at damage control, Morrison was mocked online for the blunder.

Some took up the challenge and focused on the leader’s hair — as he requested.

Others made fun of the fact that Morrison is the country’s sixth prime minister in just over a decade.

The rival Green Party couldn’t resist the chance to poke fun at the leader.

At times a controversial figure in Australia, Morrison was an enthusiastic advocate for the country’s strict border protection regime during his time as immigration minister.

In November, he blasted schoolchildren who were organizing protests for action on climate change. Organizers criticized Morrison in an email to CNN at the time. They said he did not listen to climate scientists and failed to take action to stop “dangerous climate change.”