Pilot ejects from burning F-16 jet

Evacuations were ordered on Wednesday for an area near Houston’s Ellington Airport after a pilot was forced to eject from a burning F-16 jet, reports KPRC-TV.

KPRC reports that the pilot has been taken to a hospital.

People were evacuated from buildings within a 4,000-foot radius of the airport, according to officials. They said there are only support and public works facilities within the area.

The jet was taking off when it caught fire and crashed, according to several officials. Video from KPRC viewer Mitch Ivey showed a large plume of smoke rising from the airport.

A spokesman for the Texas Air National Guard 147th Reconnaissance Wing, which is based at the airport, said the jet had ammunition on board at the time of the crash.

According to a written statement from NORAD, the pilot safely ejected and was being evaluated at a local medical facility.