Plan moves forward to drill test well in Town of Campbell

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) – The Town of Campbell is one step closer to drilling a test well to find clean water.

The town board approved a bid from a Tomah company to drill a well to a lower aquifer and test it for PFAS.

The water will also be tested for other possible contaminants.

Lee Donahue, a supervisor for the town’s health, education, and welfare, says drilling is expected to start drilling within the next month.

“We’re very excited to find out if, in fact, this can potentially be a source of safe, long-term drinking water,” said Donahue. “We would move past the interim, which is bottled water, and move forward into how we would engineer a plan for a safe, long-term water source.”

La Crosse County approved spending $100,000 for the project.