Planning Department looking to change TID 11 boundaries

Change will help future development projects

Future development projects near La Crosse’s downtown could cause changes to one of its tax incremental districts or TID’s.

The Planning Department is proposing to extend one of the TID’s boundaries. The department wants to incorporate a couple of upcoming projects into the district.

The plan is to include a few residential developments east of 8th Street between Division and Main, the city administration building, and the new Charmont Boutique Hotel.

By changing to the district’s boundaries and helping fund some of these projects the city could end up benefiting from the developments in the long run.

“We’re trying to capture those properties we believe are going to increase in value over the next 10 to 15 years and try to do some of those public improvements projects that will improve the downtown and spur growth,” said La Crosse Planning Department Associate Planner Nathan Patros.

A final decision to change the district’s boundaries will be made sometime in October.