Plover police aid stuck skunk

No officers were sprayed in the incident

A police officer in Portage County on Tuesday helped a skunk that had an object stuck on its head.

The Plover Police Department said on its Facebook page Tuesday morning that a skunk on Post Road was in distress, wandering around with its head lodged in a dog toy.

Police posted a video of the animal with a small round brown object that appeared to be about the size of a tennis ball covering its entire face.

“The skunk managed to get its head caught in a small dog toy, and was wandering around unable to see or eat,” Plover PD said on its Facebook page.

Plover PD said Officer Nathan Shulfer helped safely capture the skunk.

Absolute Wildlife Control in Plover helped remove the toy, and the skunk was released back into the wild unharmed, police said.

No officers were sprayed in the incident, police added.