Police: More than $28k of furniture stolen with fraudulent use of credit card

Police say the couple involved are believed to be running this scam throughout the state

MARSHFIELD, Wis. (WKBT) — Police alerted the public to a scam involving two people making fraudulent use of a credit card to steal tens of thousands worth in furniture.

According to Marshfield Police, two people later identified as Timothy Litt and Antoinette Williams used a credit card to purchase $15,054 worth of furniture from Mall Furniture Wednesday. Police say they loaded it into a white Penske truck and returned on Thursday to buy another $13,250 worth of furniture.

The two involved apparently had the sales person use a PIN to force the transaction through when it would have otherwise been declined, according to police. The alert states that they tried to do the same thing at another furniture store, but the sales person refused to use the PIN to force the transaction.

Police said they are driving a white Penske truck with Indiana License Plate #2973520, Truck Unit #91617988.

Police believe Litt and Williams may be trying to use this scam throughout the state and potentially into other states. Any information should be reported to Detective Matt Berres with the Marshfield Police Department at 715-305-6493 or matthew.berres@ci.marshfield.wi.us.

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