Police remind residents about back to school safety

La Crosse police want to remind residents to watch out for kids walking and riding bikes to school, including university areas.

School crossing guards will be out before and after school at the following intersections:
-7th St. & Johnson St.
-21st St. & Main St.
-2100 Campbell Rd.
-George St. & Hayes St.
-George St. & Gillette St.
-Losey Blvd. No. & Crowley

Police will be increasing their patrols around schools using grant funds that will focus on bicycle and pedestrian safety at the beginning and end of the school day.

La Crosse police also want to remind you of Wisconsin statute 346.48. It requires that the driver of a vehicle which approaches from the front or rear of a school bus which has stopped on a street or highway and is displaying flashing red warning lights and a traffic stop arm, to stop not less than 20 feet from the bus, and remain stopped until the bus begins to move and the red warning light goes away. Police say this does not apply to vehicles proceeding in the opposite direction on a divided highway.


-Here are some rules and regulations that apply to drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians:
-Bicycling on sidewalks is allowed throughout the city, HOWEVER is prohibited in the downtown business district.
-Pedestrians suddenly moving into roadway (failing to yield to vehicle).
-Pedestrian interfering with vehicle at controlled intersection (When crossing on red signal).
-Vehicle failure to yield right-of-way.
-Vehicle turning right on red light in front of pedestrian.
-Vehicle failing to yield to pedestrian when entering roadway from alley or driveway.
-Bicyclists and pedestrians shall obey traffic control devices-traffic lights, signs and symbols.
-Motorists shall yield to a pedestrians and bicyclist crossing within a crosswalk area.
-A bicyclist’s speed shall be no greater than reasonable and prudent when operating on a sidewalk or bicycle path
-Bicyclists must yield the right of way to any pedestrian on a sidewalk/bicycle path and shall give an audible signal when passing such pedestrian.