Police: Teen steals iPhone after asking to make a call

4 teenagers approached woman early Sunday morning, officials say

A Madison woman had her iPhone stolen after she let a teenager use it to make a call early Sunday morning, officials said.

The 21-year-old woman was outside in the 600 block of Howard Place around 3 a.m. when four teenagers asked to use her phone to make a call, according to a release. The teens pretended to make the call before running off with the phone.

Police already in the area said they heard her yelling for help.

Officials said the four teenagers stood out because they were wearing long pants and hooded sweatshirts on a hot night.

Police were able to locate two of the four teenagers but could not immediately develop probable cause to arrest either of them for theft, according to the release.

The phone has not been recovered, officials said. The two detained teenagers denied knowing the names of their friends.