Potential buyers tour La Crosse’s Roosevelt Elementary

Next tours will be given July 18th

Potential Buyers for La Crosse’s Roosevelt Elementary school building are getting their first look inside.

The district gave tours of the building Thursday to interested parties.

The groups toured each room to get an idea of how the space could be used.

The building will be empty come next school year because of the new Northside Elementary.

The district’s major concern is finding the right buyer that will help revitalize La Crosse’s Northside.

“The biggest challenge is to meet the community needs along with the school district needs. We want to be good neighbors so we want to make sure that whatever use this is for, this building meets what is good with the neighborhood and good for the neighbors,” said the district’s Buildings and Grounds Supervisor Joe Ledvina.

So far, there are six groups interested in buying the building.

The next tours will be given July 18th.