‘Pound the Rock’ is the mantra of Onalaska

Tom Yashinsky says the two biggest differences comparing last season to this season are preparation and getting his players in the weight room.

Now he intends to keep his players in the weight room.

A few traditions have been started by the second year Onalaska head football coach to continue to motivate his players.

When walking onto the team’s practice field, you walk by a huge rock. This is the source of a popular team saying.

“Pound the Rock’ just means that we’re grinding it out and we’re putting in a lot of hard work,” said senior Cody Turriff who is making the switch from quarterback to tight end and linebacker this season.


“We actually have a rock over there and we do pound it”, said senior Alex Neal. “I guess it’s kind of like our mantra. Just beat our opponents, like pound the rock and try to break it in half. In the weight room just keep working and grinding, no days off.”

Yashinsky said the idea of the ‘Rock’ in Onalaska comes from a UW-Whitewater football program tradition.

“We went found a rock and the kids have bought into it and it has transferred into the weight room and out to the field.”

You’ll also spot a lunch bucket and hard hat sitting on the sideline at Hilltoppers practice, signifying to the kids that they have to come to work every day.

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