Prepare windows to keep out winter chill

As the weather starts to turn colder you may be feeling drafts entering your home through the windows. Before you crank up the heat to avoid the chill, follow these tips to winterize your windows.

One way to keep cold air out is by sealing the cracks between the window and the window frame. This can be done with a caulking or a weatherstripping caulk sealant. When you temporarily caulk the windows you can remove the caulk when the weather turns warm again.

You can also apply thin plastic sheets over your windows to add insulation. These can usually be easily applied by fitting the plastic to the windows and then sealing it with a hair dryer. Like the caulking, the plastic can be removed from your windows after winter.

Finally, you can keep warm air from escaping your home by installing layered or insulated curtains. Look for curtains with heavy fabric that will be thick enough to keep out drafts. You can also find insulated curtains that come with built-in thermal backing.