Preservation Alliance of La Crosse shares plan to keep Fire Station No. 4, build new station on same block

Pal Win Win Solution
Preservation Alliance of La Crosse released this proposed design, which it says is a win-win solution to save Fire Station No. 4 and still build a new fire station on the same block.

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) — A group dedicated to preserving historic architecture in the La Crosse area has a plan to preserve Fire Station No. 4 while still getting the La Crosse Fire Department a new station on the same block.

Preservation Alliance of La Crosse on Thursday released its plan, which PAL President Barbara Kooiman called a “win-win” solution. The plan was developed with help from architect Roald Gundersen.

“It seems plausible that two buildings could coexist on a city block. So what’s the easiest way to make this happen with as little disruption as possible? Ultimately that answer will be up to the
city’s contracted architects, but PAL is presenting a viable option they should consider,” said Kooiman.

The group is proposing shifting the location of the new station, but keeping it on the same block as the old station.

“Historic Fire Station No. 4 could become many things: a firefighter museum, a family-friendly restaurant, an event venue, or housing. It should not become debris in a landfill. If we work
together as a community, historic Fire Station No. 4 can be repurposed and a modern fire station can be built next door: a ‘Win-Win’ Solution for the entire community,” Kooiman said.