Preserving old courthouse bell in downtown La Crosse

Now displayed as part of downtown Belle Square

A piece of local history is being preserved today in La Crosse’s downtown area.

One of downtown’s newest projects was dedicated as the ‘Belle Square’ Thursday afternoon, with a display for the old La Crosse County courthouse bell. Local Rotary, Lions and other civic duty clubs joined together to preserve the bell, the only remaining piece of the courthouse after it was torn down in the 1960s.

La Crosse County officials say dedications like this can show how devoted a developer is to their community.

“It really is a tribute to them, but it’s a tribute also to the community that we are a community that wants to retain our heritage and celebrate the legacy of something like a courthouse bell,” said La Crosse County Board of Supervisors Chair Tara Johnson.

The county planned to preserve the bell until a dedication like this would be made.