President Biden stops for ice cream at The Pearl following La Crosse speech

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) — An hour’s notice — that’s all employees at The Pearl Ice Cream Parlor got before President Joe Biden stopped in for a sweet treat.

It’s well known that the president loves ice cream, so when he stopped in La Crosse Tuesday, workers knew it was a possibility.

Still, when Biden placed his order, employees were not prepared for the national attention that followed, especially over the president’s order of strawberry and cookies and cream ice cream in a sugar cone.

“Some people think chocolate with fruit would be kind of weird,” manager Azia Peterslie said. “But I just think of a chocolate covered strawberries, so I don’t think it’s very unusual. We definitely have more unusual combinations ordered here all of the time.”

Peterslie said she got to chat with the president and let him know that she and her sister are taking over the business since their parents retired.

She also took a picture with the president.