President Joe Biden “celebrates” bipartisan infrastructure plan in La Crosse’s MTU maintenance garage

The President spoke to an invite only crowd of about 75

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT)- President told the crowd of about 75- invited guests he came to La Crosse to celebrate. President Biden says the bipartisan infrastructure deal he just made with Congress will help Wisconsin families at home and at work.

Before speaking with the invite only crowd, the President toured the MTU maintenance garage and met a few employees, including La Crosse bus driver Laurie Nederloe, who got to introduce him to the crowd.

President Biden calls his American jobs plan a generational investment. He says it will create millions of jobs and help American families safely go and from work and school. The President told supporters his plan includes fixing 1,000 Wisconsin bridges that are structurally deficient, provides broad-band, high speed internet access to all American families– including those in rural areas, and increases federal resources to clean up and protect our water and wastewater infrastructure on French Island and every place where the drinking water is contaminated with PFAS. “We’re also gonna surge federal resources to help address the forever chemicals not just here, but all across America. Unfortunately, Wisconsin is not unique in this problem, ” says President Biden.

The President Biden told the parents in the crowd he would also make local roads safer. He says his plan invests 11-billion dollars to improve dangerous intersections and roads in cities across the nation, including Arcadia. “In November 2019 a school bus in Arcadia, Wisconsin tipped over going around the curve and went into a ditch with 20 kids on board. It wasn’t because of snow or ice, it was just an old country road in rough conditions. Thank God no one was hurt, but this a drain on our economy as well,” says the President.

The President went onto say investing in roads will not only make them safer, but speed up our commutes to and from work. President Biden acknowledged more work needs to be done. He believes he can work with Congress to reach more compromises.