Pretty Summer Feet 7/5/15

Pretty Summer Feet

Professional pedicures are a luxury for beautifying your tootsies. But can you get your soles smooth at home? Consumer Reports enlisted 20 panelists to put home pedi products to the test—using the $12 Original PedEgg on one foot and one of two battery-operated callus removers on the other: the $21 PedEgg Power or the $38 Amopé Pedi Perfect.

The Original PedEgg has a stainless surface to file down rough spots. The automatic versions promise beautiful, smooth skin and easy callus removal using a rotating grinder.

Extra-tough calluses were sometimes an obstacle for the battery-operated products. When they stopped running, testers had to ease up on the pressure to have them continue. And some testers thought they took too much time.

The motorized products were less work, but they were slower to remove the dry skin. Some panelists found that the roller on the PedEgg Power is too narrow, making it difficult to get at some spots. And some complained that the battery models left skin powder on the floor, so use them over a towel. The Original PedEgg has a collection container.

Overall, users thought that all three products did a very good job and that the battery-operated models were a bit easier to use—but use them carefully.

Be aware that those pedicure products are not for everyone. Consumer Reports cautions that people with diabetes or poor blood circulation should not use them.

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