Pro-choice protesters line street near La Crosse’s City Hall

LA CROSSE (WKBT) — Hundreds lined La Crosse streets in protest of Friday’s US Supreme Court ruling.

Dressed in pink and carrying signs, the crowd gathered in front of City Hall and on the sidewalks along 4th Street.

Planned Parenthood Advocates of Wisconsin organized the protest.

Joelle Striebel, the public affairs regional coordinator for the western Wisconsin branch of the group, said they expected a crowd, but not one as large as the crowd that came to City Hall.

“We thought maybe there would be 50 or 100 people here, and I think there’s more than that,” Striebel said. “We’re hearing a lot of support. There are people who disagree with us, and that is to be expected, we’re here expressing how we feel and they have the right to do that as well.”

The Planned Parenthood Advocates of Wisconsin say they will still try to help out people seeking abortions through other states. The organization is also seeking legal options.

Doctors immediately halted abortions in Wisconsin once the ruling came down.

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