Propane preparations for coming winter

Companies stocking up on supply to prevent shortage

As the temperature cools down Wisconsin’s propane industry will soon be heating up.

However industry leaders do not expect the same kind of shortage that occurred last winter.

Because of how many people were in need of propane during the harsh winter companies couldn’t supply enough propane fast enough to where it was needed. Now propane companies are stocking up and want to make sure the shortage won’t happen again this year.

“There is a good supply available right now, so we encourage everybody to fill their tanks now, while we know the supply is still there and stay in communication with their suppliers and give us a heads up when they know that their you know going to be needing a fill rather than waiting until their tanks are nearly empty,” said Midwest Fuels General Manager Aaron Benson.

Benson said additional propane storage has been added across the region to help with any possible shortage.