Protest for solidarity, against racism on UW-L campus

Rally comes after events on University of Missouri campus

Dozens of UW-La Crosse students joined together on campus Monday, showing solidarity against racism and intolerance.

The students were showing their support for their counterparts in Missouri. Last week, the University of Missouri’s chancellor and president stepped down amid growing racial tensions on campus.

UW-L students gathered outside the Multicultural Office in Wittich Hall to show support for the cause. They wanted to show that many of the problems on Mizzou’s campus are present in our area as well.

“What people don’t realize is that within our administration, you know, they’re setting off these bombs and they don’t see anything about what’s going on. Those people in power right now, they don’t see anything that’s going on,” said UW-La Crosse Senior Gao Khia Yang.

There was a recent example of racial tensions on the U-W-L campus too. Students and staff were upset and raised concerns after they saw a semi-truck on campus displaying a confederate flag.

“There’s still reason and room for action from those of us in the community including those of us on a college campus, and that duty to act is to try to help people understand the hurt and pain that some can feel when they see the presence of the confederate flag,” said UW-La Crosse Vice Chancellor and Dean of Students Paula Knudson.

Knudson says the semi-truck was on campus for some contract work, and they asked the driver to remove the flag, treating him as they would an employee of the university.

She says she doesn’t believe they infringed on the semi-driver’s rights by asking him to remove the flag because she says there should be a balance between the first amendment and the ability for students to feel safe on campus.